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How to Find Estate Sales

Estate Sale Resources March 22, 2022

How to find and Estate Sale? The popularity of estate sales continues to rise year over year. For many, it’s become their weekend shopping destination. With most shoppers looking for everything from furniture, artwork, decor, housewares and kitchenware. Some even looking for cars, guns and jewelry. Estate sale days often bring a frenzy as shoppers and dealers search for good deals on an
assortment of items. As some estate sales come to a close, you may even be able to find deeply discounted items on the last day.


Where’s the best place to find all these great estate sale deals? The Estate Pros offer sales all over southeastern Michigan, as well as, a few other states including Ohio, Tennessee, Florida and Georgia, just check our listings on Need to search further? Maybe you live in a rural area or a smaller city where there aren’t as many estate sales. If this is the case, you may want to try the local pages of websites like Craigslist, Facebook, etc to find local estate sales. In bigger towns and cities, you’re likely to find estate sales & auctions on estate sale listing sites as well as social media, etc.

Local Newspapers

Most newspapers have significantly reduced their circulations in favor of online publications. In small cities, however, daily or weekly newspapers are still prevalent. These local newspapers typically maintain a decent online presence as well.


Check the classified section of your local daily printed newspaper on the day before the sale. Most estate sales, also known as “estate auctions,” “tag sales,” or “moving sales,” begin on Friday, so check Thursday’s paper. Most papers publish on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. This publications should allow you to find most upcoming estate sales before the weekend.

Online News

Your local paper typically offers classified ads online as well. Look for the estate sale advertisements in the days leading up to the sale. If nothing else, the advertisements should be available on the Thursday before the estate sale. If the paper only publishes online once a
week, the ads should be available on the date of publication.

Community Bulletins

Bulletin boards are not as popular as they used to be but in some neighborhoods they still play a small roll in advertising estate sales. When you visit a grocery store, library, or any other popular local venue, look for the bulletin board to discover any local estate sales.

Estate Sale Signs On The Street

On any given weekend, you’re liable to see Estate Pros estate sale street signs spread around town in different neighborhoods. Starting Friday morning, you may be able to see our colorful signs with arrows directing you to an estate sale. Upon spotting a sign, just follow the arrows. Eventually you will find your way to a home full items and treasures for sale. Finding a good Estate Pros estate sale is definitely more interesting than a stumbling upon a random garage sale or a yard sale!

Estate Sale Marketing

The Estate Pros have an enormous advertising reach and advertise sales via, social media, all of the major estate sale industry websites, forums and more. All of our advertisements include descriptive targeted listings, as well as, professional photo and video tours. The comprehensive, targeted approach to marketing our estate sales allows us to reach shoppers from all over, locally, nationally, and even internationally. Emailed estate sale notifications, direct mail advertising, etc help round out our all encompassing efforts.

Upcoming Estate Sales

You may attend a great Estate Pros estate sale in your neighborhood or even somewhere close by. After you purchase your items, just ask one of our Estate Pros experts how to be placed on our email marketing list and we’ll get you signed up so you never miss another sale!

Social Media

The Estate Pros are on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media sites. Besides adding dates of upcoming estate sales, we also post photos and videos of exciting new estate sale finds and more so you can get an inside look at all of our upcoming events!

Estate Sale Directories

You will always be able to the find the closest Estate Pros estate sale on our directory and these estate sale directories as well:, and All have extensive reach throughout most of the United States. Narrow down your search by selecting the city/town or zip code. While visiting these sites, sign up for email notifications so you can receive notifications of all the Estate Pros estate sales in your area on a weekly basis.

Estate Sale Listings

Every Estate Pros estate sale listing includes detailed photos and videos of the sale along with providing the sale address, dates and local times. We even provide directions to the estate sale via online map for your GPS.

Google & Other Search Engines

When looking for Estate Pros estate sales via Google or other search engines, try these popular search queries:
Estate Sales near me
Estate Sale companies near me
Estate Sales in [Name of City] [Name of City] Estate Sales

Mobile Applications

Your mobile device’s search function and GPS-enabled technology can help you to find estate sales near you. Additional apps may be needed for some search functions.

Mobile Phone Searches

Use your mobile device to search for “estate sales near me” or “estate auctions near me.” to find an Estate Pros estate sale near you. When searching through an estate sale, you can look for information on specific items’ attributes and values.

Every week there are loads of Estate Pros estate sales happening across the United States. You can probably even find one (or more) estate sales within an easy driving distance this weekend! Now that you know where and how to look, mark your calendar, and let the estate sale shopping begin!

Thinking about having an Estate Sale? Contact the Pros!!! If you are looking for help in running an Estate Sale feel free to contact us. We’d love to help!

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