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Appraisal Resources July 15, 2022

There are many types of appraisers on the market, each with a different specialty. A personal
property appraiser is someone who evaluates items that have been used or owned by an
individual. These items can be anything from antiques to jewelry, artwork, clothing and even
vehicles. The job description for a personal property appraiser varies depending on the type of
item being evaluated but generally includes authenticating authenticity, evaluating condition and
value then certifying their findings by providing documentation that contains all three aspects
combined into one cohesive report.

Personal property is another word for “belongings”.

Personal property appraisers are experts in valuing personal possessions, and they assist
individuals and businesses with estimating the value of their items. They also help people settle
estates, authenticate certain sports memorabilia items, help attorneys draft wills and coordinate
divorces, among other duties.

Personal property appraisers work with all kinds of objects—from jewelry to cars to furniture—
and determine their worth based on a number of factors, including rarity and condition. An
antique appraiser might specialize in older items while a fine art appraiser knows more about
artwork than anyone else! Appraisers also learn how to authenticate certain sports memorabilia
items as well as determine whether an item is genuine or fake (called “faking it”).

Appraising personal property can be difficult because there are no hard-and-fast rules when it
comes to pricing these things; each item has its own unique characteristics that affect how
much it’s worth on the market today. In order to hire an appraiser you must first find one who is
a member of a professional organization like National Association of Certified Valuators &
Analysts (NACVA), American Society For Industrial Security (ASIS) International Society Of
Appraisers (ISA). These organizations will allow you access only if you’re working within their
scope so make sure your project fits this criteria before hiring someone outside those

What is a Personal Property Appraiser?

A personal property appraiser is a professional who has been educated in valuation and
certified by an appraisal organization. These organizations vary in their requirements for
certification, but they’re all dedicated to maintaining high standards of professionalism within the
appraisal world.

A personal property appraiser works with everything from cars and boats to collectibles and
clothing. The scope of what he or she appraises can vary depending on the type of business
they work for, but it’s generally safe to say that if you own anything that has resale value,
whether it’s an antique lamp or a rare comic book collection worth thousands of dollars, then
your items will fall into his or her realm of expertise.

A good way to think about these professionals is as “home” appraisers who have experience
working with personal property instead of residential real estate. If you’re curious about how
much your home might be worth, check out our home appraisal guide for more info!

Licenses and Credentials

In order to be accepted for accreditation, the individual must have completed the
appropriate education, passed a rigorous exam and passed stringent background

If you’re looking for a job as a personal property appraiser, accreditation is the process by which
the individual is evaluated and accepted into the field. Though there are several types of
appraisers in the United States, they all go through similar training processes that include
education, exams and background checks. The goal of accreditation is to ensure that every
qualified candidate has passed these requirements before they are allowed to practice as an
appraiser. The governing body overseeing this process varies depending on what type of
appraiser you want to become:

  • Residential Appraisal – Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB)
  • Casualty Insurance Property Appraisers – National Association of Insurance Commissioners

The appraiser’s job is to authenticate, evaluate and then certify, or appraise, the value of
an item being appraised.

If you’re looking to appraise the value of an item, it’s important to understand exactly what a
personal property appraiser does. A personal property appraiser’s job is to authenticate,
evaluate and then certify, or appraise, the value of an item being appraised. The appraisal
determines whether or not the object is real and authentic within certain limitations.

An example of an object that might be considered “personal” includes artwork or jewelry as
opposed to vehicles or furniture pieces which are typically classified as “business” items. The
personal property appraiser must make sure that a piece of art isn’t a copy or knockoff because
this can affect its value greatly!

The person who performs these services is called a ‘personal property’ (or ‘PP’) Appraiser; their
primary responsibility is to ensure that all items are genuine before providing any kind of
valuation estimate based on their findings during inspection processes.”

Are Your Items Authentic?

The appraiser also can authenticate that an item is genuine or not, within certain

The appraiser also can authenticate that an item is genuine or not, within certain limitations.

Authentication is a process of confirming the truth or accuracy of something. It’s usually done by
a third party who has no vested interest in either side of the transaction and has sufficient
knowledge to make an accurate determination. An authentication can be made by any
professional with sufficient expertise, such as a gemologist, appraiser or forensic scientist.

Valuing Your Belongings

A personal property appraiser will let you know how much your belongings are worth.

Personal property appraisers are experts in the field of antiques, artwork, and collectibles. They
will let you know how much your belongings are worth by providing an appraisal report that lists
the item’s authenticity and its value based on current market trends.

The first step for getting an appraisal is having your items appraised through a professional
service like Then, if you’d like to sell or donate any of these items in the future,
we’ll help connect you with qualified buyers who will pay top dollar for your stuff!


Hopefully, we have given you a good understanding of what personal property appraisers do.
This is an important job that has many different applications in today’s world. With the rise of ecommerce, it is becoming even more important for people to know how much their belongings are worth before selling them online.If you are looking for help in running an Estate Sale feel free to contact us. We’d love to help!

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