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The Estate Pros appraisers provide both written reports and verbal assessments for all types of items. We provide appraisals for single items, full estates and everything between, with all assessments being completely confidential. Our fully confidential, comprehensive evaluation reports are fully researched, bound documents analyzing market trends and comparable sales in regional, national, and international markets.


What is a Personal Property Appraisal?

The Appraisal Foundation Board defines an appraisal as “the act or process of developing an opinion of value.” The Estate Pros appraisers are valuation experts who develop appraisal reports that provide property value conclusions in a given situation. Simply put, we answer the question “What’s it worth?” The proper response is always reliant upon the intended use of the appraisal. A few common intended uses may be estate planning, estate tax, gift tax, non-cash charitable contribution, equitable distribution, insurance coverage or a damage/loss claim.


Why have your items appraised?

When considering the antiques, collectibles, expensive jewelry, firearms or other high-value items, etc. you own, you may think you know what their worth. But do you really???

Like any other important decision in life, if you can consult with a professional or expert, you should. The Estate Pros experienced appraisers are skilled in determining an item’s value using the tools and expertise that most people don’t have access to. Don’t mistakenly donate or throw away a $10,000 item because you think it’s only worth $10. Instead, get a personal property appraisal. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

What Items should you have appraised?

In general, any item you believe may have significant value should be appraised. Consider doing some initial research on your own about your item or similar items online to determine if they might be valuable. Here are a few items you might want to consider an appraisal for: jewelry, collections, antiques, paintings, rugs, gold or sterling, etc.


How are appraisal values determined?

The Estate Pros professional appraisers use tools to help assess an item’s value, including past sales data, item condition and history (or provenance). The appraisal’s intended use will determine the approach used (i.e. sales comparison, cost approach, etc).

All of our appraisers rely on the standards and guidelines set forth in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), which contains Congressionally-authorized valuation standards.

Where do personal property appraisals take place?

Estate Pros appraisals most often take on-site where the item is located. However, the Estate Pros often appraise items based on pictures as well. No matter what the scenario is, the Estate Pros have you covered!


When is an Appraisal Needed?

  • Personal Records
  • Estate Planning
  • Trust Planning
  • Probate Tax
  • Loan Collateral
  • Distribution
  • Donation
  • Dissolution / Divorce Settlements
  • Identification / Authentication of Property
  • Insurance Coverage / Claims
  • Moving Company Insurance / Claims
  • Equitable Division
  • Expert Witness / Litigation Services
  • Reviews / Second Opinions
  • Selling Personal Items
  • General Consultation

How do personal property appraisals work?

Your appraisal will be completed by an experienced, licensed & certified appraiser. We carefully examine and review each of your items. We provide both written reports and verbal assessments for all types of items. Our appraisal reports conform to the most recent Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP) and the stringent requirements of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) code of ethics and appraisal practices. Our credentials, procedures and documentation meet IRS standards.

We offer appraisals for single items, full estates and everything between, with all appraisals and consultations being completely confidential unless ordered by a court of law. Includes detailed descriptions and photographs (when necessary) of each item appraised. Our comprehensive evaluation reports are fully researched, bound documents analyzing the necessary data from regional, national, and international markets.


How to prepare for a personal property appraisal

Having a well thought out plan is important when having your items appraised. Here are some preliminary steps to consider before your appraisal.

  1. Determine why you need your items appraised. What’s your intended use? Donation, insurance claim, divorce, etc.?
  2. Know what you want to have appraised. Clearly identifying the scope of your project to the Estate Pros will make the appraisal process a lot smoother.
  3. Take an inventory of the items you would like to have appraised. A thorough inventory will begin preparing you for your evaluation.
  4. Photograph the items. A cataloged reference, either in photo or in video format, can serve as documentary evidence of the appraisal should it be necessary.
  5. Try and stay organized and create lists if necessary.
  6. If you have prior appraisals for any of your items, let the Estate Pros know, we can assess these evaluations for accuracy and use them to determine potential final appraisal values.

Why go with the Pros?

All of our appraisers rely on the standards and guidelines set forth in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), which contains Congressionally-authorized valuation standards. We make the appraisal process as easy as possible, handling all items with care and conducting our work with compassion and professionalism. Our scheduling is flexible, and our assignments completed quickly and accurately. Our experts will work with you from the initial free consultation to the complete execution of your appraisal and everything in between. You don’t need to lift a finger, we take care of everything for you!

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Estate Love was very helpful and professional. Will use them again.
One of the most amazing companies we've ever worked with. My wife needed somebody to help her with her mother's estate, and these gentlemen and ladies create a protective environment for her in her fragile time; they did everything and went over and above to make it seamlessly stress free. I recommend them with the highest degree of confidence.
Great company, great service, great people, great job! The Estate Pros are best in class! Thanks folks!
The Estate Pros are top notch! We were working on a very limited time schedule and they were able to come in and get everything done quickly, efficiently and professionally. Everything went very smoothly, great work!
My brother in law passed away earlier this year and we were having such a difficult time with everything. Especially dealing with his house, his personal belongings, etc. We approached the concept of an estate sale with great trepidation, not knowing what to expect but Jonathan and the team at the Estate Pros put us at ease and made the process seamless and stress- free. They are very compassionate and professional. Thank you Jonathan!
Jonathan was great to work with in helping to prepare my father's townhome for sale. He recently moved into an assisted living facility, and anything from the townhome that couldn't go with him was meticulously catalogued and valuated, then arranged for pickup and donated to charity. Highly recommend for anyone in southeast Michigan!
It was such a pleasure working with Estate Love. They made everything so easy. It was an emotional experience for me but Estate Love made me feel so comfortable and at ease about the entire thing. Payment was super easy. Same day! I was very impressed and would absolutely recommend them to family and friends!
Incredibly professional. Understands antiques which I found many estate sales people don’t. Answers any questions in a timely manner. Massively patient with customers & his clients alike. He just knows what he is doing. He has excellent relationship with Habitat & the junk man if you need everything gone. It can be an emotional experience for the client & he makes you feel good about the experience. Follow up paperwork is excellent too.
Excellent and professional, Jonathan and his team went above and beyond to protect my home and items and to get the best possible prices for me. I highly recommend Estate Love!!
We had a wonderful experience with Jonathan and his staff. They made us feel secure, comfortable and informed throughout the entire process of holding an estate sale after the death of my parents. From the initial meeting to the final clean up, Estate Love treated us with the upmost respect and professionalism. Our sale was wildly successfully. If you are looking for an estate sale PRO, then Jonathan is your man...go ahead and hire him! Thank you!
Had a great experience with Jonathan and the team at Estatelove! Very polite, caring, truly professional and efficient. We trusted him with our home and possessions and he cared for it as though it was his own. Our sale and experience couldn’t have gone any better! We highly recommend EstateLove and would definitely use them again. You’ll be in good hands, and we can’t stress that enough!
Awesome company. Did everything top notch. I would recommend them to anyone.
Jonathan and his team were amazing. From the start, Jonathan was responsive, professional, and a pleasure to work with. His marketing is the best in the area. Our house was packed with wanting buyers all three days. His team was sympathetic to what we were going through and gave us found precious items that were missed. I highly recommend him and his team if you are shopping around for an estate sale company.
Johnathan was the best! He explained the Estate Sale process very clearly, set up and priced every item, was present on the property for the entire sale, arranged for donation pickup of unsold items, and of course was very courteous and helpful. We were extremely pleased with the results of the sale and would highly recommend him and his team for your Estate Sale!! Julie &Sami Akroush
great work!!
Estate Love is a business with a heart. Jonathan and the Estate Love team are fantastic. This is an interesting industry. It is important to trust the Estate Sale company you choose. Thankfully, out of the many companies I interviewed and researched, the choice was obvious. Jonathan stood out positively from the very start. He was easy to work with and had some great ideas which made a super successful sale. Jonathan is extremely responsive, knowledgeable and professional. He gained my trust and I would highly recommend his company.It is always emotionally difficult to sell your prized possessions and family heirlooms but Jonathan was there for me every step of the way.Knowing he was caring for my home in the same way I would while the sale was in progress allowed for me to breathe easier. Jonathan, Jay and the other Estate Love personnel were polite and very willing to help in all areas of the sale. After the sale was completed, I had several shoppers tell me how wonderfully they were treated during the sale. This is the other very important part of having a successful sale (and one most people don't think about until it's too late). Jonathan has a great following of fans that frequent his sales and it is obvious that number grows with each new estate sale he runs. Honesty, trust and integrity are extremely important qualities which were all demonstrated by Estate Love.
Very good peoples and nice honest service.You can buy with confidence and trust .Sells very nice and appropriate products at good price and in friendly environment
Estate Love is just want you want from an estate sale company. Jonathan made what could be have been a stressful time into something positive and worry-free. Estate Love is professional, provides great follow-through and communication throughout the process, and ultimately got top $$$ for our items. If you are looking for an estate sale company, don’t hesitate to hire Estate Love. They will do a wonderful job for you!
Amazing company. Very social and helpful. Would so recommend for anyone needing help.
Jonathan and the Estate Love team are best in class. From our initial meeting it was apparent I had made the correct choice selecting them to handle our estate sale. Jonathan along with Jay and the other Estate Love personnel were knowledgeable, polite and very willing to help in all areas of the sale. A significant number of the furnishing were sold by Jonathan prior to the start of the sale. The sale was exceptionally well organized and promoted which ultimately resulted in exceeding our sales expectations. Additionally we were provided with a charity that was willing to take unsold pieces and a junk removal company to dispose of the unwanted items. Honesty, trust and integrity are extremely important qualities which were all demonstrated by Estate Love. At the end of the sale we received a spread sheet of the sold items. Base on my personal experience I highly recommend Estate Love to handle your estate sale.