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Why Have an Estate Sale?

Estate Sale Resources March 22, 2022

Why do most people have an estate sale? In short, estate sales are a terrific way to sell stuff for
a great value in a shortened time period. They are the best way to reach a large buying
audience looking for specific household items and goods. Not to mention, the average estate
sale grosses nearly $20,000!

Estate sales provide people the opportunity to move on or move past. They are filled with items
needed to be left behind for one reason or another, allowing estate sale shoppers a chance to
appreciate them in a whole new way.

The Top Six Reasons to Have an Estate Sale

1. Death
2. Moving
3. Downsizing
4. Divorce
5. Debt

With the two biggest reasons for an Estate Sale being a death or moving. Let’s investigate


Usually the number one reason to hold an estate sale. With the loss of a loved one, surviving
family members and friends must figure out what to do with the remaining personal property.
Estate sales are the perfect option for this. The Estate Pros will take care of everything from
start to finish. Your loved one’s items are handled with the utmost care, all of our work is
conducted compassion and professionalism.


Whether you’re moving next door, to the other side of the country, or the other side of the
world, you may want to consider lightening the load and getting rid of a few things. Maybe your
current furniture won’t fit with your new home’s design aesthetic. Maybe you just want to start
over? Having the Estate Pros liquidate your extra stuff is an easy way to get rid of the items
you either can’t or don’t want to take with you.


Overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you’ve accumulated over the years? Do you have a loved
one that is unable to keep up with their current home and the amount of stuff they’ve acquired
in their lifetime? Maybe they’re looking at moving into a retirement community? What about a
hoarding situation? All of these extra items can be useful to someone else! The Estate Pros can
help to facilitate that with either an estate sale, donation or cleanout.


Unfortunately, a lot of us have been there. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Starting over
with a fresh start is often the best option, and estate sales are a great way to do this. The
Estate Pros are sensitive to your needs and will work quickly, compassionately and
professionally to help you work through this transition.

There are many reasons to have an estate sale, each one fitting your family and friends. Planning an estate sale can become difficult especially if it the decision has been made for you. Read our helpful planning guide here.

If you are looking for help in running an Estate Sale feel free to contact us. We’d love to help!

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