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The Estate Pros have been serving Macomb County for over 15 years, conducting hundreds of successful estate sales in the area. Our courteous and reliable professionals are prompt, trustworthy and highly knowledgeable when it comes to the estate sale process.

Our personal property appraisals are handled in a confidential and professional manner by seasoned qualified appraisers who are educated and experienced in evaluating items from a wide variety of categories including everyday & luxury furniture, fine art, antiques, vehicles, collectibles, professional equipment, and so much more!

Estate Sales, How Do They Work?

An estate sale is an all encompassing liquidation of the entire contents of a house. It can be held as a fixed price retail style event in the home or as an auction conducted off-site. Estate sales can range in length but generally occur over the course of two to three days. The profits from an estate sale may vary as they correlate with the value of the items being offered. Trusting a professional estate sale company like the Estate Pros to handle the sale of your personal property ensures your estate sale has the best possible chance of being as profitable as possible. Schedule a free consultation for your estate sale in Macomb County today.

A Change in Circumstance

Whether it’s due to a major downsizing event, a divorce, or the death of a loved one, you may find yourself in need of liquidating a large number of personal belongings. When faced with the task of selling a large amount of personal items while often accompanied by the stress of a major life change or sudden loss, many people can feel overwhelmed. Hiring a professional estate sale company like the Estate Pros allows you to preserve time and energy needed to handle all of the other aspects of your move. Having an expert lead the way is often the best way to get the job done right while minimizing your effort and maximizing your profits.


How Much Does The Average Estate Sale Make?

An estate sale happens when someone needs to sell a large amount of personal property, usually a whole house’s worth. A whole-house cleanout is similar, but differs in that usually the belongings are donated to a non-profit. In an estate sale scenario, our estate sale professional will visit your location and take a look at your items, giving you an estimate of their potential value, and discussing the best strategies for your sale. We will even prepare all of the paperwork and necessary permits with the city or township. An estate sale company like the Estate Pros will make sure that your items are displayed in their best light using a boutique style approach. Our qualified appraisers will carefully research and price all your items while our event team handles all the customers, sale transactions, etc in a five star professional manner. Oh, and did we mention that the average estate sale in Macomb County earns over $15,000!!! See past estate sales in Michigan.

Estate Sale Macomb County, Michigan

Having an estate sale in Macomb County, Michigan is easy when you hire the Estate Pros. You’ll need to trust and feel comfortable with your estate professional as they will be in your private home, handling your personal items and handling your transactions. Do your homework, be choosy and insist on using a company with an esteemed reputation like the Estate Pros for your sale. We take care of everything needed:

Permitting – In most counties in Michigan, permits are needed for estate sales or garage sales. In many cases, the cost ranges from free to $20 per sale, with a limited number of sales allowed per year (such as three). This is to prevent people from turning their homes into neighborhood mom-and-pop shops, creating a disturbance in the neighborhood.

Parking arrangements– In areas with limited street parking, additional permits may be needed for attendees. Talking to your neighbors ahead of time is always recommended.

Advertising – Social media groups on Facebook, etc. and apps like Nextdoor are great places to advertise your estate sale. Springing for some ads on estate sale-specific websites like and can pay dividends, as they are specifically targeted to people who are already looking for estate sales. Don’t underestimate the value of word of mouth; telling friends and putting up neighborhood signs will also bring people through your door.

Accurate appraisal of items – It can be tough to ascertain the value of so many different things with pinpoint accuracy. You may not have personally purchased some of the sale items leaving you at a loss as to the value of the items your relatives may have collected. Having a trustworthy professional do the job for you is easier and ensures that you are pricing things accordingly.

Staging – Showcasing items in their best light is important. Just as with staging a house or clothes in a store, you want the setting to add value to the items, not detract from them. Tables, lamps, a thorough cleaning and thoughtful displays make a big difference in the bottom line and help you obtain maximum value.

Cataloging – This is one of the most important areas in which to be thorough. Go through every single nook and cranny of the home, take pictures of things, get rid of the trash, and set aside any personal documents or belongings that you do not wish to sell. Use your smartphone and snap away – pictures are very helpful for keeping a record of the contents.

Processing payments – Will your sale accept electronic payments such as Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, or Credit Cards? Will you accept checks? Know this ahead of time and make sure that all of your accounts are working properly. Meticulous recordkeeping is a must in ensuring that every dollar earned is accounted for.

Clean up after sale – Most estate sales last between two to three days, and though typically there is not a lot left after a sale, there may be some items remaining. You can decide which of these things you want to keep and what you would like to donate for a tax deduction. Most things that have no value for either donation or sale should be thrown out or kept, if desired, prior to the sale.

How to Price Estate Sale Items

Pricing estate sale items depends on the current market conditions and value, as well as the item’s condition. A good personal property appraiser should be well versed in a variety of areas of interest like art, antiques, vehicles, fashion, sporting equipment, collectibles, memorabilia, coins, stamps, books, electronics, design, and so on. If you are looking to get a general idea for yourself, a good way to approximate is to look at similar items for sale, like those on online auctions like eBay, online consignment shops, or social media marketplaces. Higher-value items such as vehicles, jewelry, collectibles, art, or designer furniture are often included in estate sales and their pricing may be higher so make sure to price and advertise accordingly. Sometimes, lower-value items may be left out of an estate sale if they detract from the perceived value of the higher-ticket items. Don’t throw things away until your estate sale company has gone through the house and done an appraisal. People who regularly buy and sell collectibles are often looking into estate sales for rare finds, and there are thriving markets for more items than you’d imagine.

Estate Sale Planners

Most of the reasons people find themselves looking into an estate sale are stressful, such as:

  • Moving
  • Downsizing
  • Death
  • Divorce
  • Debt

Chances are you’re stressed enough already, and successfully managing a large inventory of items that need liquidating can seem like an impossible task to someone who isn’t familiar with the process. In the event of the death of a loved one, for instance, it can be emotionally painful for their relatives to sell their belongings individually. Most of the work that goes into an estate sale lies in planning for one. There are many things to handle ahead of hosting an estate sale, from organizing the property ahead of time, cataloging things, taking photos, determining prices, and appraising higher-value items. Having a professional estate sale planner handle these things for you is well worth it.

Let The Pros Handle It!

The Estate Pros has been Macomb County’s most trusted estate sale company for over 15 years and has even been ranked as one of the top estate sale companies in America. We specialize in providing compassionate, precise, thorough and dedicated service to our clients in Macomb, Michigan. Our team of appraisal and marketing experts is very familiar with the value of a variety of personal property types and how to best present them to the world.

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