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When cleaning out an entire house’s worth of belongings, it can be easy to underestimate the time and energy that it will take to complete the task. The various circumstances that can prompt the need to have house clean-out sales can be emotionally and physically draining.

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Circumstances include a death in the family, an overseas move, retirement, or the sudden need for financial liquidity. Professionals like those at Estate Pros can simplify this process, leaving you with more time for other things you need to handle.

Accomplishing a whole house clean-out sale is a time-consuming and demanding task. While typically, the contents of a home are carefully removed by an owner, certain circumstances can prompt the need for a house to be professionally cleaned out.


Foreclosure Clean Out

During a foreclosure clean out, all of the personal property must be removed from the premises prior to the sale of the home by the bank. Foreclosure clean outs are typically more labor intensive than traditional cleaning crews are prepared to handle due to the large and often heavy nature of the things that must be removed from the house.

During cases where the owner and lender come to an amicable agreement, the job is often easier than it would be in the case of an eviction or unsettled owner. One of the benefits of having a licensed appraiser on the clean-out team is that they can spot valuable items that may go unnoticed by the untrained eye. The labor of cleaning out foreclosed homes can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, such as the size of the home, the density with which it’s furnished and the owner’s willingness to cooperate.

Eviction Clean-Out Services

Evictions are no fun for anyone involved, but they do happen quite regularly. Oftentimes, the tenant will remove most or all of their personal property from the occupied space, but sometimes this is not possible. In the event of an eviction where the tenant has not removed all or any of their belongings from the property, house clean-out sales can help the property owner recoup some of their expenses resulting from the eviction and/or non-payment of rental fees owed by the tenant.


Elderly Home Clean-Out Services

The collections of a person’s lifetime can amount to quite a lot of stuff. Though most of it will be divided up by the family, oftentimes, there are a lot of things that the family doesn’t want or cannot keep. As people get older, maintaining a large house full of belongings can be too much for someone to handle on their own, and moving into a senior living facility can ease the worries of both the elderly person(s) and their family members. Unfortunately,  disagreements can sometimes arise between family members regarding the divvying up of their inheritance. House clean-out sales that liquidate belongings can simplify the process of the division of assets and make the transition smoother for everyone involved.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Out A Hoarder House?

While it certainly can feel like a relief for friends and relatives of a hoarder, there is a heavy emotional toll that the clean out takes on the home’s occupant. The costs of cleaning out a hoarder house weigh on certain factors:

  • How much trash fills the home: It is not uncommon for a hoarder’s home to be brimming with trash, and even items that might have been considered valuable can become damaged and unsalvageable in the conditions of the house.
  • The presence of biohazardous material: Animal droppings, human waste, spoiled food, mold, improperly stored chemicals and other unsanitary things may make the house hazardous to human health. In the event of biohazardous materials being present, additional measures may need to be taken, such as wearing PPE clothing, masks, etc.
  • Cleanliness of the property: If the property is relatively clean, despite a large number of items that may qualify the house as a hoarder house, the job will be easier. In the case of filthy houses that may not ever have been cleaned, many hours and a lot of elbow grease will need to be spent removing years of dirt and grime.
  • Presence of mold where remediation is necessary: We all know that mold (especially black mold) can be highly toxic to human health. If the house contains mold, significant efforts at mold remediation will need to be made and the cleaning professionals will need to take extra precautions to avoid coming into contact with mold that is airborne or otherwise.

Hoarder houses cost, on average, $2,000 to clean out. But, if they are filthy, hazardous or brimming with trash, the cost can be higher. Estate Pros will give an estimate during your free consultation. Depending on how long the person has been hoarding in the home, the damage to the home can range from just a bit of dirt to clean up to extensive damage caused by mold or rodents which may even cause the house to be condemned and declared uninhabitable. In the most serious cases, the hoarder’s home may need to be torn down. Learn more about proceeds of estate sales.


House Clean-Out Sale

House clean-out sales are a popular way to empty a home in one swift move and make some money in the process. Estate Pros is happy to schedule a free consultation for you about having a house clean-out sale. We will help you decide what is trash, what’s worth selling, and what may provide primarily sentimental value and should be retained by you. Deceased estate cleaning is a cost-effective way to deal with an entire house’s worth of belongings that a family member may leave behind. A professional company like Estate Pros will handle house cleaning and trash removal before, during and prior to the sale according to the agreement you have made.

House Cleaning and Trash Removal

Even in the most successful of sales, not everything sells and there is often the need to dispose of many items. This can fill up an entire dumpster or even multiple dumpsters, depending on the size of the house and what occupies it. The cleaning team at Estate Pros can make quick work of all the dirt that accumulated in a house over time and will take care of the trash removal surrounding a house clean-out sale.

Professional House Clean Out

During professional house clean-out sales, Estate Pros will take care of everything needed. From sorting the items in the house, removing trash, cataloging and pricing the items to be sold, making sure all paperwork and permits needed for the sale are handled properly, marketing and conducting the sale itself, and providing resources to the client in the event that they wish to donate items to charity. It’s a comprehensive job and our 15+ years of experience go far in making the process as smooth as possible for our clients. Contact us today to learn more about house clean-out sales and the services we can provide to ease the process for you.


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His understanding of the art market, fine furniture, and antiques was not only impressive but also reassuring, setting the stage for a successful estate sale.Throughout the process, Jonathan's organizational skills and strategic approach were remarkable. He expertly curated and showcased each item, creating an inviting environment for potential buyers. His marketing efforts were equally effective, drawing in a discerning audience that appreciated the quality of our collection.What truly sets Jonathan apart is his commitment to client satisfaction. He communicated with transparency, keeping us informed at every step and addressing any concerns promptly. His dedication to maximizing the value of our estate while maintaining a respectful and considerate approach added immense value to the overall experience.The outcome of the estate sale exceeded our expectations, and we owe a significant part of that success to Jonathan at Estate Pros. 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