Estate liquidation, or house liquidation, is the process of selling all or part of the personal property contents of your home. This can be done for a number of reasons, including death, moving, downsizing, divorce or even for the purpose of raising funds to settle debt. Learn more about estate liquidation services below.

Sometimes people liquidate their personal property simply because they want to move on to buying new stuff. When it comes time to liquidate your personal items, you have two options: sell them yourself using marketplace websites such as Facebook, Offer Up, Let It Go, Next Door, etc., or you can choose to work with professional home liquidators. Hiring an estate liquidation company is often your best bet as it reduces the amount of work and stress involved in trying to sell your items in what may already be an overwhelming situation. The Estate Pros have been serving homes all across southeast Michigan with estate liquidation services for the last 15 years. We are proud to be rated among the best home liquidators in the nation. Our clients rely on us to get the most value for the liquidation of their personal property. Learn more about our estate liquidation services by calling us today.


Estate Liquidation Sales

If you’re thinking of having an estate sale or estate liquidation, we suggest you visit one first to understand how they work. Most estate liquidators organize and conduct their sales in a similar fashion. Here is what most estate liquidations tend to look like:

  • Conducted inside a home and sometimes throughout the property
  • Typically occur over a two- to three-day period
  • Involve the sale of personal possessions
  • Usually include individually priced and displayed items
  • Open to the general public
  • Involve the quick disposal of unsold items via donation or junk removal
  • A realtor may list the home after the estate sale

Estate Liquidation Companies

Estate liquidators or home liquidators bring together all the moving parts of an estate sale. A professional estate liquidation company has all of the expertise necessary to efficiently manage all of an estate sale’s tasks. Estate sales are far more difficult to manage than garage sales. People contact estate liquidators for a number of reasons but most often because of the home liquidator’s expertise. Estate liquidators have the industry knowledge to properly execute and manage the details of these complicated sales. Estate sale liquidators can appraise and price a varied collection of items. The home liquidator will also stage and display your items throughout the house in a way to intrigue shoppers and persuade them to make a purchase. A professional estate liquidator will provide the extra support necessary to ensure your estate sale is successful, including providing additional sales associates, security, and moving teams to assist in the safe completion of your estate liquidation. The home liquidator will advertise your sale in various media outlets and often are able to reach a multitude of shoppers from their professional networks. This enables them to sell a large volume of items very quickly. During the estate sale, the estate liquidator addresses all issues that may arise. After the sale concludes, they issue payment and transaction reports, arrange for pickup of sold items, and may ship other items to the purchasers. Finally, the estate liquidator ensures that all unsold items are removed from the home either via donation or junk removal.


How To Find An Estate Liquidation Service

When looking for estate liquidation services finding the right home liquidator that understands your specific goals and needs is critical. You may want to start by asking your family, friends, and colleagues for referrals from their own estate sales. Referrals from satisfied clients are typically the best way to find an estate liquidation company, as they’re based on favorable results. You can also use estate liquidator directory sites such as to find local reputable estate sale companies. Once you reach out, expect to receive return calls or emails very quickly. From there, you’ll want to schedule in-person interviews at the home where the estate liquidation will occur. During the interviews, present the estate sale items and discuss your specific goals in order to make sure you find an estate liquidation company that is the right fit for your situation. Evaluating an estate liquidator is a layered process requiring some investigative work. Getting references from the liquidator’s recent estate sale clients is always helpful. If possible, try to visit several of the liquidator’s sales to evaluate their overall performance. It’s important to realize that the estate liquidation industry does not have any regulatory standards. However, you can always ask your estate liquidation company for a list of accreditations, memberships, etc., that they may have and definitely look them up online to read reviews, etc. Although choosing the right estate liquidator takes some work, it’s certainly a worthwhile effort. When you find a home liquidator who respects your valued possessions while efficiently running the estate sale, you have all the ingredients for a successful event.

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Consistently, the Estate Pros is ranked as one of the top estate sale companies in America as by, and others. We specialize in helping families and individuals in need of residential liquidation, donation, clean out and personal property appraisal services.

The Estate Pros is an estate sale industry authority. Our ownership and staff have hundreds of years of combined experience. We hold ourselves (our owners, sale teams, and support staff) to the highest standards of professionalism and experiential service, treating each of our clients and shoppers with the utmost care, compassion and respect.

The Estate Pros pay meticulous attention to detail as we handle every aspect of the estate sale process from start to finish. Our experts will work with you from the initial free consultation to the complete execution of your event and everything in between.

You don’t need to lift a finger; we take care of everything for you!

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